Facility and Equipment list

32' x 24' Studio - 16' to lighting grid

Lighting - 15 fixed 1" pipe battens at 2' spacing

144 channel strand dimmer system w/136 2.4kW & 8 6kW dimmers

Mantrix II 36 channel two scene lighting controller with digital patch

Colortran Ring focus 12" 5kW Fresnel (qty. 3)

Colortran Ring focus 10" 2kW Fresnel (qty. 4)

Colortran 2kW scoop (qty. 3)

Colortran 2kW softlight (qty. 3)

Lowel 2kW Softlight 2 (qty. 6)

Arri 2kW softlight (qty. 1)

Colortran Ring focus 8" 1.5kW Fresnel (qty. 5)

Ianaro/Strand Iris II dual 1.5kw Cyclight (qty. 8)

Stagetek 1kW 8" Fresnel (qty. 6)

Colortran dual 1kW Cyclight (qty. 4)

Strand 500W Ellipsoidal spot (qty. 20)

Stagetek 500W 6" Fresnel (qty. 6)

Most Lights have barndoors and gel frames

14' x 14' access door

42 wide 14' tall hard CYC (chroma key blue) (18' x 28' with 6' radius corner)

Sets - Modular set pieces allow

1, 2, 3, or 4 person anchor desk

6 person V format (round table discussion)

Practical kitchen / Cooking show

Office or Den, Store, Talk show

Air Conditioning - 20 Tons of silenced cooling

Cameras - Sony BVP-360 with Canon 20X Studio lens, Vinten head on ITE Counterbalanced studio pedestal

Sony BVP-360 with Canon 20X Studio lens, Vinten head on ITE Counterbalanced studio pedestal

Sony BVP-360 with Canon 20X Studio lens, Vinten head on ITE studio pedestal

Sony BVP-350 with Fujinon 30x studio lens, Sachtler head, O'Connor pedestal

Sony BVP-350 with Fujinon 30x Studio lens, ITE head, ITE Studio pedestal

Sony BVP-350 with Canon 18x lens for hand held use

Sony BVP-350 with Fujinon 14x lens with wide-angle converter for hand held use

All cameras have RTS intercom and Tally lights, all lenses have 2X converters

Prompter displays -

Intercom - Talkback cueing speakers

4 channel IFB system

6 IFB talent stations with earphone

RTS 2 channel station for Floor director

RTS 2 channel for Grip

RTS 2 channel for Gaffer

Mobile Floor Director's station with 19" color program monitor and 12" 9 way split screen monitor for Preview

Control room - Spacious layout with separate heat/air conditioning

Switcher - Grass Valley 200 Switcher

Featuring: Safe action/safe title marker, Digital Borderline,

6 Sony CCU-360 digital auto setup CCUs with master setup control

VCR - Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP

Sony BVH-2800 1" type C with PCM audio

Sony BVU-800 umatic / Fortel Total Error Corrector TBC

Sony BVH-500A 1" type C recorder (for isolated camera)

Panasonic AU-65 MII

Sony EDV-9500 Beta ED

Sony 8mm HiFi w/ PCM audio


DVE - Microtime ACT 3/genesis DVE

CEL P147-20 Frame sync with P151 effects

CG - Chyron 4200EX with motion effects

Picture monitors - Main (Client) program Sony PVM 1910 color 19" monitor

Program and Preset - Conrac 6545 13" color monitors

Preview - Ikegami 9" B&W (qty. 12)

Preview - 8" color (qty 2)

Shading - Ikegami TM14-17R 14" color monitor

Shading preview - Panasonic 5" B&W (qty. 6)

Tape - Sony BVM-1900 19" Color monitor

Prompter generator

WFM/Vectorscopes - Magni Monitor, 2x Tek 528 WFM, Tek 630? Vector display, Hitachi V-099 WFM

Router - Ditech Virtual matrix system controlling 64x32 w/ stereo audio main router and 16 x 16 auxiliary router

Intercom - 3 channel RTS system

8 RTS & Clearcom stations

4 Channel IFB control station

Audio Monitors - JBL L-26

Audio amplifier - Crown D-150

Audio room

Audio Mixer - Soundcraft 32 channel with 8 groups and 8 channel Foldback

Audio Recorders - Panasonic SV-3700 DAT

Sony TC-854-4 4 channel 1/4" open reel 3.75, 7.5, 15 ips

Teac Cassette

Noise reduction - Dolby Type A, Dolby Type B, DBX Type I, DBX type II

Audio effects - Digitech Studio Vocalist II harmony processor

Digitech SP-128 stereo digital effects processor

DBX 563x Silencer (2 channels)

SCA Compressor/ De-esser (6 channels)

?? 30 band graphic equalizer (2 channels)

Phase Linear 5 band parametric equalizer (4 channels)

Audio Monitors - Westlake xxx6 w/ crown D-60 amplifier

Auratone Near field monitors w/ Crown D-60 amplifier

Intercom - RTS speaker/headphone station

Announce Booth

Acoustically treated with windows to both control room and audio room

IFB intercom system

Microphones -

EV 642 Shotgun

Shure SM-33 ribbon desk (The Johnny Carson mike)

Shure SM-53

Shure SM-54

Shure SM-81 Condenser

Sony ECM-34 Podium gooseneck (Hollywood squares)

Sony ECM-55B Black Lavalier

Crown PZM-6 Pressure zone

Crown PZM w/Lucite back panel (2 units)

Samson S-11 Handheld ball (8 units)

Sennheiser MKE-80 Short Shotgun

Sony ECM-74 Short Shotgun


Specifications and features subject to change without notice.